So as I said, quite some time ago (sorry been very busy), I would share my jackpot charity finds in the Mind charity shop a few weeks ago.

Apart from the denim shirt I found there was also this AMAZING suede leather jacket. I think it came to about £7.99. An absolute bargain.

It is slightly big but also slightly cropped to it works well with anything. This will definitely be my autumn style staple. I cannot wait for it to get a little chilly so I can start wearing it.  Why is it every time you buy something the weather prevents you wearing it? Of course it gets hot as soon as I buy a jacket – not that I am complaining – much!!

This is one of those items I am most happy with. It seems jackets are the best to buy in charity shops. They are a great quality and an even better price. There are not really seasons in charity shops either so stock up for autumn now!

I have also found, with only now 12 and a half weeks to go of the project I am wearing at least one charity item every day. Not because I try to but just because these are actually beginning to be some of the best things in my wardrobe!