I am one person that loves it when High Street shops give back to charity by creating a range specifically for it. No this is not JUST because it means I get to shop there but also because it’s just a nice thing to do! Good on you H&M!

WaterAid is a great charity that helps some of the poorest countries. The beachwear range has launched and supports the cause by donating 25% of all product sales.

Helena Helmersson, H&M’s Head of Corporate Social Responsibility says: “H&M has been supporting WaterAid and its work improving access to clean water and hygiene for the world’s poorest people since 2002. H&M has a social and environmental responsibility in the countries where we operate and water is one of our focus areas.

“WaterAid is operating in some countries where H&M suppliers are located and we feel that it is very important for us to contribute to better livelihoods for people in these regions. We are very proud of being part of making a difference and of our cooperation with WaterAid.”

Read more or shop the collection here: www.hm.com