Having worked on The British Heart Foundation Blogger Style project last week and really enjoyed it, I started noticing shop windows more and more as I walked around the town at the weekend. I think the work charities are doing to bring their fashion more up to date is amazing. Especially Oxfam, which has a great fashion blog, fashion sold online and a dedicated Twitter – OxfamFashion. However, when I walk past charity shops the windows are, on the whole, shocking.

No offence to the people working in them, but they just don’t compare to high street fashion stores. Of course I realise charity shops don’t have the budget to employ high end merchandisers like Topshop and fashion experts like some of the big department stores. However, I am sure, as the BHF’s project proved, there are plenty of bloggers and fashion amateurs willing to lend a hand. Fashion graduates or students working in merchandising I am sure would love the experience of dressing a window where you really do have to show some imagination to make it fashionable.

After dressing the window in Tunbridge Wells all the items apparently were sold within a day and I am sure seeing the likes of Poppy D’s efforts in her Camden store, her pieces will go even faster! Window displays make such a difference… and hey – I’ll do it!!