Well as you know, if you read this blog alot, which you should : ) I went to Britain’s Next Top Model Live on Saturday. The best bit as far as I was concerned was the Global Cool lounge, where people were re-styling some old jumpers as part of the Turn up the Style, Turn Down the Heat campaign.

Now, I only had the chance to stay for a matter of minutes but from what I could see it was proving very popular. Gemma Cairney was there promoting the event and re-styling her own jumper. The campaign is basically trying to get people to wear some big knitted jumpers rather than resort to turning on the heating – saving the environment and your skin apparently. Turning up the heat  draws moisture out your skin and is actually bad for it!

I was surprised to find out that Pom pom making was a hit at the event! I wish I had kept the jumper my gran made me with pom poms when I was about 8 – I thought it was repulsive at the time – who knew it would make such a come-back?!

Watching back the You Tube videos of the event and seeing the amazing efforts on the website has inspired me to make my own jumper – well make it orginal anyway. I am planning to ‘pimp my jumper’ this weekend. I will be getting some tips and ideas from the global cool site – http://www.globalcool.org/tag/turn-up-the-style-turn-down-the-heat

Check out the videos of the event here:

Global Cool Style Icon Workshop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mog9To1m7sA
Gemma’s how-to: http://www.youtube.com/user/globalcooltube#p/u/7/YSI5V4LExHk

I can’t wait to judge in week four but if they are anything like this lot it is gonna be tough. There is definitely a theme emerging with initials and pom poms and lots of wool shapes! Best go buy some wool!